I do a lot of commute from home to work and vice-versa, so I have lot of time to read in the metro, here in Montreal there is always this two journals that you get for free when you get into the metro and as the weekend was approaching I started to look for ideas of good things to do.
There was a park visit with music and free corn, an exhibition in the public library, the reggae festival at the old port, the public markets, so I wrote some of them down in order to have them in mind when I get home and communicate them to my husband.
So on Saturday after a little bit of cleaning and of course our morning coffee we decided to start with a visit to the Jean-Talon public market, there is always a lot of people , good ambience and delicious fresh food. What is also nice of going to this place are all the streets surrounding the neighborhood, like for example the little Italy. Once we got there I finally ate a craving that I had from some time: fresh black pearl oysters!. They were fantastic!
After that we continue our journey heading to the old port where there is always something going on, this time we chose to come up to the rooftop restaurant of the “Auberge du Vieux port”. Well the view was gorgeous, the weather was rooftop perfect and we spent a very nice moment laughing and sharing good bears and food. The attention was also pretty good.
On Sunday, we were a little more quite, doing all the household stuffs and preparing everything for the “back to school” of my little one, already starting her 4th grade of primary school.
Well I hope you have a wonderful and productive week, thanks again for your presence and take care!