Yesterday was my sister’s birthday, I could be a little sad as we live far from each other but I choose to toast with wine. Although she is younger that me she always looked as the older sister because of her strong character, also helped the fact, that she is a little taller that me. Nevertheless I have the good feeling that I had fulfilled my roll as I used to open roads for her. I wanted to say that I love her and I respect her because she will think of everything and everybody, she will be my source of inspiration in the sens that she is the kind of person you will like to have near when your planing a trip or a party, as she is well organized and so structured!
Speaking of trips and making other bigger decisions in life, I wanted to say that no matter how crazy the situation could looks, never say no to an opportunity without giving it the thought. Put it in a perspective like if you were a kid with the sens of discovery, keep it simple and asks first to yourselves: Do I deserve it? Did I worked hard enough to earn it? Most of the time the answer will be yes you earn it and you deserve it, so give it the try.
The opportunities will be given to you once, maybe twice, so don’t be too worried about what the others will think about your actions.Be the one that is in full control of your emotions, be strong enough to make your own decisions and live with the consequences. If you were wrong learn about it!
Take every action with love and respect of others…keep it simple as a kid laugh!