“Boulot-Dodo-Boulot”. This is a phrase very used here in Montreal to describe what a typical day looks likes for the common human been in his daily basis. Meaning, that you live in a crazy routine that left almost a little if not zero space, to discover or enjoy the good other stuffs in life. Have you ever asked yourself : What it is wrong ?, Why I don’t have time for anything?
Tired of this routine myself and after a great travel to Europe (my first), I decided to start living and enjoying every minute of my life as if it will be the last moment I will get to live.
You know and everybody tells you that if you get ill and recover you will see things with a different perspective, if you knew for example that today’s its your last day to live, you will appreciate more the simple things in life and you will be grateful of precious and simple things like: watching a late sunset, taking a walk with your husband, the hug of one of your kids, or a little quite moment with yourself.
So thinking of being present in the moment like there will not be tomorrow , that is how I started this blog, because I want to enjoy every moment of my life, discovering and why not? Sharing it with you !
Thanks a lot for being here!. I will continue to share about this new adventure that is writing about all those moments, the doubts, the certitudes in front of these new decisions makings and of course I will include some photos of the journey.